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Tel: 423.266.1121

For booking groups of twelve or more, please refer to our functions page

Monday - Friday
8 am - Late
8 am - Late
8 am - 10 pm
Tel: +1 (250) 491 8122

Mashed Potato8.99

Loaded Smash Browns8.99

Steamed Greens8.99

Bowl of Fries7.99

Yam Fries7.99

Kids Dessert 3.99

Steamed Mussels18.99

Chicken Supreme28.99

Virgin Caesar5.99

Root Beer – Ginger Beer3.99




BullWheel Hot Chocolate2.95

Tots Hot Chocolate2.95

Heavenly Hot Chocolate5.75

Herbal Tea4.25



Double Espresso3.75

Drip Coffeesml 2.10 med 3.00 lge 3.90

London Fogmed 4.95 lge 5.75

Chaimed 4.95 lge 5.75

Mochamed 5.15 lge 5.95

Flat Whitesml 4.45 med 4.95 lge 5.75

Lattesml 4.45 med 4.95 lge 5.75

Cappuccinosml 4.45 med 4.95 lge 5.75

Americanosml 3.85 med 4.00 lge 4.25

Polar Bear Hot Chocolate

Irish Coffee

Irish Cream Coffee

Spanish Coffee

Monte Cristo

Blueberry Tea

La Frenz Grand Total ReserveBottle 95

Fairview Cellars The BearBottle 91

Phantom Creek Petite CurveeBottle 79

Fairview Cellars Two HootsBottle 61

Moon Curser Border VinesGlass 11.99 Bottle 49

Bench 1775 Cabernet MerlotBottle 49

Corcelettes SyrahBottle 75

Maverick Bush Vine SyrahBottle 73

Second Chapter SyrahGlass 12.99 Bottle 55

Bartier Brothers SyrahBottle 55

Sandhill SyrahGlass 11.99 Bottle 49

Pentane GSMBottle 65

Moon Curser MalbecBottle 61

Maverick MerlotBottle 79

Phantom Creek MerlotBottle 79

La Franz MerlotBottle 61

Da Silva MerlotGlass 13.99 Bottle 59

The Hatch PortmanteauGlass 11.99 Bottle 49

Stone Road Red BlendGlass 7.99 ..................

Da Silva Cabernet SauvignonBottle 69

Kettle Valley Cabernet SauvignonBottle 65

Young & Wyse Cabernet SauvignonGlass 14.99 Bottle 61

Church & State Cabernet SauvignonGlass 13.99 Bottle 59

Tinhorn Creek Cabernet FrancGlass 12.99 Bottle 55

Bench 1775 Cabernet Franc SyrahGlass 11.99 Bottle 49

Screaming Frenzy Cabernet FrancBottle 39

Ex Nihilo Pinot NoirBottle 75

Da Silva Pinot NoirBottle 65

Blue Mountain Pinot NoirGlass 14.99 Bottle 61

Ramifications Pinot NoirGlass 11.99 Bottle 49

The Hatch Hobo Gamay NoirGlass 10.99 Bottle 45

50th Parallel Pinot Noir RoseGlass 10.99 Bottle 45

Stone Road RoseGlass 7.99...............

50th Parallel Glamour Farming PetillantBottle 59

Blue Mountain BrutBottle 52

Church & State SparklingGlass 10.99 Bottle 45

Mission Hill Perpetua ChardonnayBottle 119

50th Parallel ChardonnayBottle 89

Little Engine Silver ChardonnayBottle 79

Coolshanagh Reserve ChardonnayBottle 69

Blue Mountain ChardonnayBottle 75

Second Chapter ChardonnayGlass 12.99 Bottle 55

Da Silva ChardonnayBottle 51

Quails Gate ChardonnayGlass 10.99 Bottle 45

The Hatch Bury The HatchetBottle 45

Stone Road White BlendGlass 7.99 ..................

Moon Curser ViognierBottle 47

Liber RieslingBottle 49

Kitsch RieslingBottle 45

50th Parallel RieslingBottle 43

La Frenz Sauvignon BlancGlass 11.99 Bottle 49

Church & State Sauvignon BlancBottle 47

Red Rooster Sauvignon BlancGlass 9.99 Bottle 39

Corcelettes GewürztraminerBottle 45

50th Parallel GewürztraminerBottle 43

Bench 1775 GewürztraminerGlass 8.99 Bottle 37

Phantom Creek Pinot GrisBottle 49

Hillside Reserve Pinot GrisBottle 47

50th Parallel Pinot GrisGlass 10.99 Bottle 45

Sandhill Pinot GrisGlass 9.99 Bottle 45

Okanagan Rotator

Locals Dark Rotator

Nelson Faceplant Winter Ale

Phillips Free Ride Hazy IPA

BNA Brilliant Idiot IPA

Phillips Glitterbomb Hazy Pale Ale

Highway 97 Pale Ale

Phillips Cold Snap Kolsch

Phillips Implosion Pilsner

Phillips iOTA non alcoholic Pale Ale 355mL5.99

Phillips iOTA non alcoholic Pilsner 355mL5.99

Phillips iOTA non alcoholic Hazy Pale Ale 355mL5.99

Copper Brewing Builders Pilsner 355mL6.99

BNA Purple Rain Sour 355mL6.99

Lakefront New Grist 355mL7.99

Guinness 440mL9.99

Cannery Brewing Darkling Oatmeal Stout 473mL9.99

Cannery Brewing The Muse Extra Pale Ale 355mL6.99

Coors Light 341mL5.99

Budweiser 341mL5.99

Kokanee 341mL5.99

Molson Canadian Lager 341mL5.99

Miller Genuine Draft 355mL5.99

Miller High Life 355mL5.99

Okanagan Spring 1516 355mL5.99

Phillips Blue Buck Ale 355mL5.99

Sol 300mL5.99

Heineken Lager 330mL6.99

Steam Whistle Pilsner 341mL5.99

Tempo Gin Smash Strawberry Lemon 355mL6.99

Cinco Drink Co Tequila Lime Soda 355mL6.99

Cinco Drink Co Tequila Paloma 355mL6.99

Nude Raspberry Lemon 355mL6.99

White Claw Watermelon 355mL6.99

White Claw Mango 355mL6.99

Truck 59 Baptism By Fire Apple Cider 473mL8.99

Wards Hard Apple Cider 355mL5.99

Strongbow Original Dry Cider 440mL8.99

Okanagan Peach Cider 330mL5.99

Okanagan Pear Cider 330mL5.99

Orchard Hill Apple Cider 355mL6.99

BullWheel Lager

Cannery Brewing Lake Boat Lager

Old Fashioned14.99

Whiskey Sour15.99


Moscow Mule11.99





Aperol Spritz15.99

Berry Peach Bellini14.99

California Margarita17.99


Dark n’ Stormy12.99

Boat Drink12.99

Kraken Martini11.99

Canadian Martini13.99

Toblerone Martini12.99

Espresso Martini12.99

BullDog Caesar12.99

Pickley Caesar10.99

Devil’s Tongue Caesar10.99

Canadian Caesar9.99

Alpine Granola12.99

Vegan Masala24.99

Baby Back Ribs1/2 rack 20.99 / full rack 30.99

Lamb Shank32.99

Chicken Parma24.99

Chicken Noodle Soup11.99

East Coast Chowder14.99

Stew of the Day14.99

BullWheel Phở16.99

Thai Green Curry16.99


Traditional Spaghetti18.99



Seafood Pasta29.99

Japanese Fried Black Rice29.99

Tomato & Cheese Spaghetti 11.99

Spaghetti & Meatballs 11.99

Cheeseburger with Fries 11.99

Steak with Fries 11.99

BullWheel Burger19.99

Pulled Chicken Burger16.99

Vegetarian Burger19.99

Vegan BLT18.99

Caesar Salad18.99

Roast Vegetable Salad18.99

Thai Cucumber Salad18.99

Buddha’s Winter Bowl19.99

Breakfast Sandwich9.99

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich9.99

The BullWheel Breakfast15.99

Smashed Avo14.99

Grilled Cheese with Fries 11.99

Chicken Schnitzel with Fries 11.99

Chicken Drumsticks15.99

Romaine Lettuce Cups20.99

BullWheel Caesar10.99

Fish Tacos15.99

BullWheel Poutine15.99

Pork Belly Quesadilla15.99

Chocolate Brownie12.99

Sticky Toffee Pudding12.99

Carrot Cake12.99

Cheese Board16.99

Artisan Ice Cream12.99

Tuna Stack19.99

Duck Wings16.99

The Parm14.99

Steak Sandwich18.99

Grilled Cheese16.99

Wrap of the Day19.99

BullWheel Nachos18.99

Glazed Yam Fries13.99